My Unthinkable Luck

I got lucky. There is no other plausible explanation than that. When the waters rose and began to wash over the great Denham Springs, we were scared. My family and I, we were terrified, afraid of losing everything. We were afraid that everything we had worked for, maybe even our very lives, would be washed away by the cold, uncaring waters, like so many others. We got lucky. The waters rose, came ever so close to our home, washed over the roads, signs, even trucks, but did not quite reach our house. The water came so close I couldn’t even see most of our yard, it slaughtered the life across our lawn, extinguishing the lives of so many animals and plants, but even so, we counted ourselves fortunate. So many lost their homes, some even lost their lives, everything they had ever had, but we were unharmed. Not untouched, there wasn’t a soul within miles that was untouched by this great flood, but unharmed. Our house still stood, proudly, like an impregnable castle, unlike so many others that were washed away, taken by the water that began to flood us on August 12. Luck was the only thing that saved us, that saved our home. I’m fortunate, and my heart goes out to the masses of people who had their homes, their physical presence on the world, washed away, and to everyone who had to suffer through it, even those unharmed like me. I was lucky, and will be eternally grateful that I was somehow, amidst what seemed to have become a sunken city, was spared.

I am Logan

I am Logan. Though my name doesn’t truly matter. A name does not determine who you are as a person. I am 14 years old, have 2 siblings related to me by blood, 4 stepbrothers, a stepsister, along with my stepdad, mom, dad, and stepmom. My dad got married quite recently, and I am absolutely thrilled for them. I am friendly, outgoing, and make friends easily. I am smart, dedicated, and a horrendous procrastinator. Family is one of the single most important things in the world to me, but family extends further than who you’re related to. Family is simply the ones I love and care about. I absolutely love reading, and as a result, I read extremely quickly. I love to swim as well, though not on a team. I don’t enjoy sports while playing on a team due to the fact that I just can’t get the competitive drive needed for it. I have been through much in my life, more than most kids my age have, and have to carry that weight. It gets easier, I’ve found. I like to help people. I feel like a therapist because a lot of my friends end up coming to me for advice or just to rant about things they are upset about. I try my best to give them a solution to their problems, but more often than not I end up feeling like the answers I gave were inadequate. I have almost never studied in my life, but have a feeling that it will change in high school. I do very well in school as a whole, and am genuinely looking forward to this year, which is a rare occurrence. I am religious, though my beliefs don’t generally line up with others. I am extremely passionate about helping others. I want to become a lawyer or judge when I become an adult. I want to go to Harvard. I want to be rich, not so that I can blow my money and buy a mansion, but so that me and my family can live happily and comfortably without the worries and struggles of having to pay bills. Above all else, I want to be happy. I try to live every day as positively as I can, and help others shed their sadness, anxiety, and try and help people live to the fullest they can be. I like trying new things, and trying to do random things like figure out why ice is slippery. I am unique, and I can guarantee that nobody will ever meet someone like me ever again. I am Logan. This is me.